EXPO Shanghai
Better Life, Better City

World Expo
Shanghai 2010

The Expo in Shanghai 2010 is planned to be the largest World Expo ever. The Chinese organizers expect 70 million visitors during the six months exhibition, by New Year already 12 million tickets were sold.

Everywhere in Shanghai - and even in the rest of China- the mascot Haibao is promoting the World EXPO in the city

This World Expo is held in the largest city in China which fits to the theme Better Life, Better City.

The theme reflects the global problem for the international community to develop urban strategies and sustainable development for the growing cities of the World. In the year of 2010 United Nations has estimated that urban population will account for 55% of the total population on Earth.

The venue of the Expo is placed on both sides of the Huangpu River. The largest part (3,93 km2) is in the new Pudong area, another area of 1,35  km2 is placed across the river in Puxi.

The total area of the World Expo in Shanghai is 5,28  km2. 2,39 km2 in Pudong and 1,35  km2 in Puxi is enclosed area (total 3,28  km2). Entrance to the enclosed area is only possible with tickets.

The Expo has five functional zones A - E in which the national and other pavillons are placed. The zones have en average area of 60 hektars.

Zones at Expo Shanghai:


Zone A: Hosts the Chinese pavillion and other Asian pavillions - except pavillions from South East Asia. Zone A is located in Pudong between the Expo Boulevard to the West and the Bailianjing rivulet to the east.

Zone B: Hosts national pavilions from Southeast Asian and Oceanian countries, pavilions for International organizations, theme pavilions, Expo Centre and the Performance Centre. Zone B covers an area between Zone A to the east and Lupu Bridge to the west in the Pudong area.

Zone C: Hosts European, American and African national pavilions. At the entrance of the zone there will be a large amusement park. Zone C located in Houtan in Pudong - west of the Lupu Bridge.


Zone D: Is one of the original places of modern Chinese national industry including the Jiangnan Shipyard. Some of the old industrial buildings will be kept and renovated into corporate pavilions. The docklands and slipway to the east of the corporate pavilions will be reserved and made into space for outdoor public exhibition and cultural exchange.

Zone D: Hosts corporate pavilions, Urban Civilization Pavilion, Urban Exploration Pavilion and the Urban Best Practices Area. The zone is located east of the Expo Boulevard in the Puxi Section.

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